EastEnders’ Letitia Dean: ‘Phil’s the only man for Sharon’

EastEnders’ Letitia Dean tells Soaplife that she hopes Sharon and Phil’s on-off love story is on for good this time.

So Sharon’s back with Phil… How did that happen?
“There’s always been a very deep connection between Sharon and Phil, they know each other inside out. She likes to think there are no surprises with him, but he also has that edge she’s always liked. When they first got together, when she was married to his brother Grant, that love was never allowed to blossom. This is the first time they can really be together. She wants him to always be straight, honest and truthful with her, so let’s see what happens with that!”

How does Sharon feel about Shirley?
“Sharon knows deep down Shirley meant something to Phil. I don’t think she wants to know too much about it, but she’s wary.”

And Sharon believes Phil wants her, not Shirley?
“Yes. She thinks that Shirley is bitter and jealous of her relationship with Phil and that Shirley needs to move on. Sharon has always been the love of Phil’s life so Shirley needs to get over it.” 

Sharon and Phil are already living together… Are things happening too fast?
“With Sharon, things always happen too fast…she’s always dived straight in. But now her theory is better the devil you know. She’s got a child and she wants that security for them. She feels safe with Phil, she feels protected and she always has with him.”

Will Phil be a father figure for Denny?
“Sharon hopes so. She knows Phil loves children. After all that stuff with Lexi, his granddaughter, she knows he’s a family man.”

Will Sharon and Phil last this time around?
“I really hope so, but I’m sure there will be bumps along the way. Phil still has that element of danger Sharon’s always loved, although I don’t think she really wants danger in her life any more. Whether she gets it again will be another story…”


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