EastEnders’ Linda drops a wedding bombshell on Mick: ‘I can’t marry you!’

Will it be happily ever after for The Vic’s landlord, Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), and his fiancee, Linda (Kellie Bright)? Hardly likely.

In next week’s EastEnders, everything gets too much for troubled Linda and she calls off the wedding!

It’s been a bumpy road to the altar, after Linda was raped by Mick’s brother, Dean, and subsequently became pregnant, unsure whether the baby was Dean’s or her husband’s. With the paternity-test results confirming Mick was the dad, the couple began to look to the future, but Mick has been hiding secrets from Linda ever since he returned from Ramsgate in the summer…

The week gets off to a bad start when Cora comes to blows with Aunt Babe in The Vic over what happened in Ramsgate. An already-stressed Linda demands to know the truth, and is horrified when she realises that Mick knew all along and hadn’t told her.


As the Square’s residents don full period costume for the market’s Victorian-themed day, suggested by Kathy last week, Linda is still furious with Babe, who spots a way to make amends…


With Linda acting out of character and snapping at everyone, Mick soon realises that something is wrong. With Mick pushing her to open up, Linda finally snaps and drops a huge bombshell – she can’t go through with the wedding!


Still reeling from Linda’s devastating announcement, Mick determines to get to the bottom of what’s really upsetting her. As Linda admits to being worried about their money problems, Mick remains unconvinced. What is Linda hiding?


Desperate to know why Linda has got cold feet all of a sudden, Mick insists they sit down and talk. Will Linda confide in her husband-to-be about her real reasons for calling off the wedding? 


When Linda refuses to open up, with a heavy heart Mick tells the family the wedding is off and walks out. When Linda follows, the pair eventually sit down and talk. Will Linda finally tell Mick what’s troubling her? Or is this the end for king and queen of The Vic?

Find out in EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, December 14.  


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