EastEnders‘ Linda Henry tells Soaplife why Shirley decides the time is right for her to propose to Phil… But it SO isn’t!

Shirley’s been sticking to Phil like glue, refusing to let go when the going got tough – which was most of the time. She’s already jilted him at the altar, so what makes her suddenly propose? “She realises how much she loves and needs Phil,” says Linda. But with the net tightening in the Hev murder case, her timing couldn’t be worse!

So Shirley realises how much she needs Phil and proposes to him…
“Yes. She’s doing a sponsored abseil to raise money for Hev’s son George, but she’s terrified of heights. Phil goes up on to the roof of The Vic with Shirley and helps her conquer her fear. He’s so supportive that she’s overwhelmed by her emotions and asks him to marry her. He’s stunned, but he says yes!”

But Sharon drags Phil away from their engagement party. Is Shirley threatened by her?
“She trusts Phil, but she knows how much history he has with Sharon. Shirley and Sharon are complete opposites and she’s insecure enough to find it hard to believe Phil would choose her over Sharon.”

But she forgets about Sharon when she goes to see Denise and spots the photo frame Ben used to kill Heather…
“The frame is on Denise’s mantelpiece and Shirley recognises it as the one she gave Heather and thinks it was the murder weapon. She can’t quite believe what she is seeing and picks it up to make sure she isn’t imagining it. She’s been determined to find out who killed Heather and now she has some evidence she can use.”

Suppose she finds out the photo frame leads to Phil?
“She’d feel physically sick at the idea of Phil being involved in Heather’s murder… That the one person she truly loves could let her down in the worst way possible.”

Would the wedding be off?
“Watch this space!”