Lindsey Coulson talks to Soaplife about how much Carol is going to need Sonia as she battles breast cancer in the months ahead on BBC1’s EastEnders

How is Carol coping with her diagnosis?

“It’s all sinking in. She had been holding it in, caring and worrying about everyone else and then the enormity of what was happening to her hit her. But she’s trying to do normality. Lots of women I spoke to who had experienced breast cancer said you’re desperately trying to grab onto something that’s normal. I’ve spoken to five different women and I’ve read lots of stuff. I got a bit overwhelmed by it and said I wanted to see a nurse to talk to somebody about it clinically. It was so good to hear it from her perspective.”

Does Carol think that David can offer the support she needs?

“I don’t think she’s 100 per cent on that, but at the moment her biggest fear is death. We are talking life and death here.”

Who is there for Carol?

“Sonia is a natural carer as she’s a nurse. Carol feels quietly at ease with her. She’s very practical whereas Bianca’s so headstrong and they spar so much. Everything feels right when Carol is with Sonia.”

Why has Carol ended her relationship with Masood?

“It isn’t really clear cut. In another life, she would have been with Masood, because he is kind and gentle, caring and safe, but she can’t quite let go of the bad boy David. She can’t let go of her 14-year-old self and how he made her feel then. Carol is at a crossroads.”

A big one! Does Carol love David?

“She does and every now and then she just wants to dare to let it go and love him, but she can’t quite do that.”

Will Carol beat the cancer?

“Who knows? Years ago, cancer was a word you couldn’t say, but now you can and people can get better from it…”