EastEnders Lindsey Coulson reveals to Soaplife that Carol’s got something new to worry about when David completely disappears on their wedding day…

Is Carol excited about her big day?

“Yes. She’s been in hospital after collapsing and could have died. She has been at her lowest low and David is still there for her. They’re closer than ever. She feels very loved by him.”

So she trusts him?

“Yes. She has no reason for her not to, but she doesn’t know that something happened between him and Nikki.”

But should she trust him?

“She can’t help herself. Her head has an argument with her heart most of the time, but it feels so good to be with him. It feels right.”

It wouldn’t feel right if she knew he’d been fooling around with Nikki, would it?

“No. She’d feel let down and angry for allowing herself to open up her heart to him again. But she’s fighting cancer and that makes you a different person. She hasn’t got a lot of energy.”

She looks great on her wedding day, though…

“Well, I look very different. I was wearing a wig and, for the first time in a long while, I had make-up on. I felt like a different character. She has the fairytale dress, without being too silly. She didn’t know she was going to survive this cancer, so she has gone for quite a traditional look which I think is quite poignant.”

So, what’s Carol thinking as she sits in the wedding car waiting for David to show up?

“As the time goes on, she thinks he’s not going to show up. She’s thinking, ‘Of course he was going to do this, it’s what he does’. She feels angry at herself more than anything, for believing that he would keep his promise.”