EastEnders’ Lindsey: ‘I’d pick Mas, but Carol’s heart is with David’

Lindsey Coulson tells Soaplife that Carol knows Masood is the sensible choice as a lover in EastEnders – but her heart belongs to bad boy David…

Does Carol suspect that David wants her back?
“Yes, he’s being very honest about his feelings for Carol, but she’s like ‘I can’t allow myself to believe you. And I’ve got somebody here who is treating me really well’. I think Carol wants to believe she’s older and wiser now.”

That doesn’t stop Masood getting jealous, though…
“Carol tells Masood that she won’t let David come between them. But David is in the house so of course his presence affects their relationship.”

And on Carol’s birthday they both say it with flowers, don’t they?
“Yes. David gives her a single flower and Masood presents her with a massive bouquet and decides to organise a party – which isn’t what Carol wants. It’s also the anniversary of Billie dying, so things come at quite a pace. David flirts with Carol and there is a little ‘ooh’ moment, but then she kisses Masood and thinks everything will be all right.”

And will it be?
“Well, I would pick Masood; he’s clearly a sussed, lovely, kind and gentle man. But I think Carol’s heart is with David. She clearly still feels something for David – but hates it that she does. She has a lot of history with him. He was her first love – they got together at 14. They have a child together.”