EastEnders’ Luisa Bradshaw-White: ‘People have never been so nice about anything I’ve done’

EastEndersLuisa Bradshaw-White explains to Soaplife why Tina sticks with terrible Tosh…

Tina’s all loved up, but with Tosh itching to start a family while demonstrating a fuse so short she’s making Shirley look laidback, the future doesn’t look bright. “Tina has never been treated amazingly well and there is emotional abuse there, but she loves Tosh and wants to keep her,” Luisa tells Soaplife.

We all saw Sonia kiss Tina… What’s happening between them?
“Tina and Sonia have made friends again, but it all explodes when Tosh finds out about the kiss. Tosh confronts Sonia in a really messed up way, saying she’s all right about it when she’s not. Sonia is a bit intimidated by Tosh, so she starts to back off.”

But Sonia tells Tina that Tosh knows about the kiss…
“Tosh starts playing with Tina’s mind and it’s even hard for me to work out what is real and what is her twisting things. It’s not at all straightforward. The relationship will destroy a lot of Tina’s confidence, but the reason she stays in it so long is because she feels as if she is the one in the wrong and ends up apologising.”

Do you think viewers would like to see Tina get together with Sonia?
“People like the idea of it, but I think there is also some really good stuff with Tosh. They have got something really good when it is going right.”

How does Dean get mixed up in all of this?
“He is stirring between Tosh and Tina. I think he is very protective of Tina and is trying to get in between them.”

Tosh is keen for them to start a family. Is Tina?
“Tina goes along with it, but she doesn’t want it. She talked about how she was an awful mum to Zsa Zsa and she had this relationship but messed it all up, which makes sense because she was off her face on drugs at the time. Part of her wonders if it could be different this time. She is not confident about the idea of having children, but goes along with it to keep Tosh.”

What reaction are you getting from fans?
“When I started, Linda Henry [Shirley] told me that people never approached her because they are scared, ‘But they will be all over you’, she said and she was right. People want to touch me because Tina is so endearing. People have never been this nice about anything I’ve ever done before, so I’m very happy.”

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