EastEnders’ Marc Elliott on Syed’s blackmail shock

EastEnders’ Marc Elliott hints Syed might do a runner to keep his secret…

When does Syed find out that the ‘Bad Boy’ graffiti on the Masoods’ front door is only the start of his problems?

“When he takes a drunk Tamwar home from the pub on his birthday. As he leaves the house, Syed sees an envelope. There’s a note saying ‘Bad Boy’ with a photo of him and Christian looking cosy in an alleyway.”

Who does Syed suspect it’s from?

“Tamwar. He knows he’s got a crush on Amira. He’s tried to kiss her more than once now. Syed’s convinced Tamwar is going to tell Amira and tells Christian he’s going to tell her before Tamwar does.”

And does he confess?

“Very nearly. Tamwar and Amira come through the door just in time to hear Syed say he’s going to tell Amira and she says she already knows and is upset she had to find out from Tamwar. Syed’s about to tell her everything but then she goes on to say she knows he embezzled money from the family business in the past.”

So he doesn’t tell her?

“He thinks he’s off the hook and it’s such a huge relief to him…”

Until he gets an anonymous text…

“He’s panic-stricken and rings the number. He sees Ian answer his phone and thinks it’s him. But when Syed tentatively questions Ian, he just babbles on about Christian causing his problems with Jane.”

Then he suspects Christian… Why on earth does he think it’s him?

“Syed thinks it’s a wind-up and accuses him of mocking the idea of them being a real couple. But then he gets another text while he’s with Christian, so it’s not him.”

After Christian talks about the issue with Lucy, with no names, she cunningly smiles at her phone. What will he do if it’s her?

“Syed’s not a violent person but he can be cunning too. His secret would ruin him… He’d do anything to stop that happening.”

Would he go as far as marrying Amira?

“That’s a difficult one… If the heat continues to build there’s always the chance he’d do a runner to stop his parents finding out.”

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