EastEnders’s Marc Elliott warns that when Syed makes the wrong choice between Amira and Christian all hell breaks loose!

Masood catches Syed and Christian in full clinch at the flat. After all these careful months, why does Syed take such a risk?
“He’s overwhelmed with passion as Christian’s urged him to follow his heart.

Does Syed know that Masood knows?
“Not instantly. They both hear a mutter and know that someone’s seen them. They think it was Masood, but they’re not certain. Syed panics. He has to find out if it was Masood.”

He can hardly ask him right out… So how?
“When the family’s together for Syed’s birthday meal he looks for signs from Masood. When they’re finally alone, Masood tells Syed he saw Christian with a man, but because that’s all he says Syed thinks he’s off the hook.”

Then he’s straight onto another one when Amira thinks she’s pregnant. Will the news make him end things with Christian again?
“It should and at first he thinks ‘Right, well, I have a wife and a child so I have to do my duty.’”

Then next thing he’s asking Christian to run away with him… How could he?!
“He goes to see Christian and says he’s going to do the right thing by his wife. But when Christian tearfully tells him they must give each other up completely, Syed says he can’t live a lie any longer and wants them to run away together.”

And Christian won’t… Why not?
“He says he can’t bear any more false promises so Syed says he’ll tell everyone the truth.”

But he doesn’t get the chance…
“No. He overhears Masood and Zainab talking about him being gay. They’re saying he’s disgraced himself and let the family down. Syed’s utterly broken and devastated.”

So he breaks his promise to Christian?
“Syed asks him why they must make their relationship public. But Christian tells him he couldn’t live a life of lies. Syed makes his choice and tells Christian he isn’t enough and that he needs the respect of his peers. Then he goes home and tells his parents, ‘It’s done now.'”

It’s been revealed that in fact it’s anything but done and Amira does find out. Does Syed confess or does someone tell?
“Syed doesn’t know, but after he leaves the flat, Christian goes into a rage… What happens next blows everything wide open.”

Could Syed live with everyone knowing?
“The secret coming out won’t change things. He still can’t be himself AND be a Muslim.”