EastEnders’ Max murder trial shock: Jane makes a dramatic confession

Max Branning (Jake Wood) is on trial for the murder of Lucy Beale in EastEnders this week…

Jane (Laurie Brett) knows Max didn’t do it because she knows her son Bobby did it.

So do a lot of other people now because keeping that secret has become harder and harder for Jane.

And, riddled with guilt, Jane goes to court and takes the stand…

She’s been talking to Max’s lawyer, the dodgy Marcus Christie (Stephen Churchett) and, together, they’ve come up with a plan to make sure Max isn’t jailed for Lucy’s murder.

But what are they going to do?

Clearly, part of the plan is for Jane to take the stand and testify… And say what?

Does Jane finally admit that Bobby killed Lucy? She hasn’t been prepared to sacrifice Bobby so far. So does she sacrifice herself?

Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) works out what Jane’s about to say and races to the court to stop her – but she gets there too late.

Jane has already stunned the court with her shocking confession…

Find out exactly what Jane confesses to in EastEnders on BBC1, Thursday, September 24.

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