EastEnders May 4 preview: ‘Ronnie’s heart races when Vincent visits’. Is she in danger?

What does Vincent want with Ronnie (Sam Womack)? Is he leaning in for a kiss – or is he leaning on Ronnie to do something she doesn’t want to do?

All is revealed in EastEnders this week, as Vincent (Richard Blackwood) makes his presence felt with both Ronnie and Kim (Tameka Empson).

Kim is terrified of Vincent, her baby’s daddy, convinced she saw him kill someone.

Ronnie knows for sure Vincent is no angel – but does she have reason to be scared of him?

Or is Vincent going to become Ronnie’s number one man, now she knows Charlie cheated on her?

If Vincent did, that would be more than a little bit awkward for him, Ronnie and Kim…

But we have seen worse family set-ups on EastEnders!

Watch the Ronnie-Vincent-Kim drama start to unfold on EastEnders tonight (May 4) on BBC1, 8.00pm.

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