EastEnders’ murder mystery: ‘Ian is hiding something,’ says star Ben Hardy

EastEndersBen Hardy tells Soaplife that Peter Beale’s struggling to stay strong for his dad, Ian – and is shocked when Jake is arrested…

Does Peter feel guilty about Lucy’s death?
“Yes, he’s wrestling with the fact that he should have been there for her and that his phone was turned off on the night of her murder.”

Who are Peter’s prime suspects?
“He thinks that it was a random stranger who killed Lucy – he doesn’t expect it to be anybody he knows. He thanks Jake for offering to help at the cafe for a few weeks and basically thinks he’s a really nice guy. It’s a massive shock when Jake’s arrested.”

Why won’t Peter let Lola comfort him?
“He was very confused about Lola before Lucy died. He has this image of what she should be like and was trying to change her. There’s tension between them because Lola keeps saying the wrong thing and pressing him to talk when he doesn’t want to.”

Is that why he’s turning to Lauren?
“He and Lauren have a history, remember – they were an item when they were 15. Lauren lost her brother, Bradley, so I think she understands what Peter’s going through.”

Will they get together again?
“Something happens between them that might change their relationship – that’s all I can say.”

Do you know who Lucy’s killer is?
“There’s this big veil of secrecy and there are even some scenes that have been censored from us. I know Ian is hiding something, but I don’t know what and Adam Woodyatt [Ian] won’t tell me.”