EastEnders’ new Lucy will cause mayhem for Ian

EastEnders’ troublesome teen Lucy Beale is set to cause havoc for dad Ian and his new girlfriend Mandy when she returns to Albert Square.

Hetti Bywater has taken over the role of the troubled teenager who will be back in the soap for Pat’s funeral next week after spending a year living in Devon.

Lucy lands Ian in hot water when he lies to Mandy and tells her she and twin brother Peter are too busy to come to the funeral, when in fact he hasn’t contacted either of them to invite them. He has also avoided telling them he is now with Mandy.

So when Lucy finds out about the funeral and turns up to bid Pat farewell she is angry about his secrecy and even more furious to find Mandy in their home, demanding to know who she is.

Lucy is not impressed with her dad’s new girlfriend and she and former wild child Mandy are set to clash, leaving Ian caught in the middle.

Lucy also reportedly decides to smuggle along some alcopops to Pat’s funeral, much to the delight of Lauren Branning.

The youngster left Walford in August 2010 to go and live with her grandmother after cheating on her exams and having an abortion behind her step-mum Jane’s back.

But now Lucy is back with a bang.

Hetti has said: “I’m really excited to be joining such an iconic show as EastEnders, especially becoming part of the Beale household.”