11 brilliant new EastEnders pictures as Keanu and Louise get close… leading to a huge bombsell!

Plus Mick Carter's back and Jack gives Max a talking to

EastEnders is set for a string of massive storylines next week including Louise having some huge news for Keanu… check out these brand new pictures!

EastEnders Kim Fox-Hubbard and Karen Taylor

FIGHT! Mitch tries to break up Kim and Karen who have a huge bust up!

EastEnders Mick Carter Linda Carter and Tina Carter

It’s Tina’s birthday and she gets a huge surprise… Mick’s back! And the ladies are thrilled!

EastEnders Rainie Branning and Ben Mitchell

Ben sabotages the car lot and then offers his services to fix it. But when Rainie works out what he’s up to, Ben turns violent and threatens her

EastEnders Bailey Baker and Dinah

Bailey and Dinah are off to live at Ted’s and look at their new home

EastEnders Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor

Keanu and Louise get up close and personal… he plants a kiss on Louise before sneaking out of the window!

EastEnders Rainie Branning and Ben Mitchell

DON’T MESS WITH ME! After Ben gets the cars stolen, Rainie clashes with him and accuses him of robbery!

EastEnders Max Branning and Jack Branning

WARNING! Jack tells Max not to take Rainie for granted, but will he listen?

EastEnders Sonia Fowler and Bex Fowler

Sonia talks to Bex about Stuart…

EastEnders Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor

BIG NEWS! Keanu is shocked when Louise reveals she’s pregnant in EastEnders next week. How will he react to the baby bombshell?

EastEnders Bex Fowler and Louise Mitchell

Bex and Louise talk about Keanu

EastEnders Max Branning and Rainie Branning

Max tries to make it up to Rainie – but then she learns some shocking news! – EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC1 next week.