EastEnders: new video reveals Ian in a panic – and Shirley declaring her love for Phil

EastEnders promises to turn up the heat this summer with lies unravelling all over Albert Square.

We know Ian’s hiding something about Good Friday and the night Lucy was murdered and the new BBC trailer reveals him saying to a faceless someone: “Just so that we’re clear, Good Friday never happened” and then looking at a text message from someone with the initial “R”.

Then Ian (Adam Woodyatt) is seen shouting, “You can’t do this!”.

Do what, exactly? Expose his Good Friday secret?

Shirley’s got secrets, too…

“I have to look at him every single day knowing that I can’t really be his mum,” cries Shirley to Phil.

That’s Mick she’s talking about, not Dean. But it looks like both Shirley’s sons will cause her heartache as Dean is seen demanding cash from someone.

And Shirley turns to Phil with her problems, telling him, “I love you”.

What’s Phil going to do with that declaration after Sharon’s beaten into a coma in her bar?

We can’t wait to find out, as EastEnders’ keeps the drama coming this summer.

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