EastEnders’ newbie David: ‘Kissing is hard work!’

EastEnders new boy David Witts assures there is a softer side to his character, Joey Branning, as he prepares to romance Lucy Beale.

According to The Sun, David admitted that while kissing beautiful actresses is part of the day job for any actor, he always has mints first: “I keep Trebor Extra Strong on me just in case.”

David said: “I always have mints before a kissing scene. It’s only polite, you don’t want people saying bad things about you.”

The actor added, “It’s not just kissing scenes — you can be right in somebody’s face threatening them, with spit flying everywhere or anything. It’s only right you’re minty fresh.”

David added: “Everyone says you must love the kissing scenes, but it is hard work.”

“It’s just part and parcel of the job and you’d be a bit of a twit if you got a cheap thrill out of that.”

EastEnders fans are already showing a keen interest in a future between Lucy and Joey, and it seems David won’t complain: “Hetti is great. She’s a very talented actress.”

He added: “She’s only 17, but is acting well beyond her years. It’s been a real pleasure. She is great to work with.”

Being new to the BBC1 soap, David is keen to find out about future storylines for Joey, admitting that he ‘can’t wait to open the scripts when they arrive’.

David insisted: “Joey’s billed as a bit of a Lothario figure, a bit of a ladies’ man. But there is far more to him than that. In some scenes you will see him be really dark and quite a nasty guy. Then he’d help an old lady across the road.”

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