EastEnders newcomer Kush ‘fancies Shabnam… but she doesn’t enjoy it so much’

EastEnders newcomer Davood Ghadami has revealed his character has his eye on Shabnam Masood.

Davood is joining the BBC soap as new market stall holder Khoroush ‘Kush’ Kazemi, and while his character is a bit of a ladies’ man, Davood revealed the main object of Kush’s affection is not so keen.

He revealed: “I think he fancies Shabnam; he probably fancies a lot of the ladies to be honest. Some characters enjoy it, but some don’t enjoy it so much and I think Shabnam is one of those.”

But Davood revealed Kush is set to make friends with the Masood family, and is fired up by the love-hate relationship he has going with Shabnam.

He explained: “Some of the first people Kush meets are the Masood family who are brilliant and great to work with. He got in there quick with the Masoods and gets on well with Mas. Again, he ruffles a few feathers there early on, but being the type of person he is he wants to get on with everyone.

“His personality isn’t completely compatible with Shabnam’s and early on that shines through. He doesn’t see it as a bad thing though and kind of enjoys it. He likes to speak his mind which isn’t always appreciated!”

In real life Nitin Ganatra, who plays the family patriarch Masood Ahmed, took Davood under his wing on set.

Davood revealed: “I wasn’t given a specific mentor and was lucky enough to choose one. I chatted to Nitin as I was doing some of my first scenes with him and went from there. He’s very much looked after me, steered me in the right direction and has shown me around. He’s helped me out, as has everyone who I’ve met. He’s a fantastic guy and I’m very lucky.”


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