EastEnders’ Nina reveals Zainab’s moment of truth

EastEnders Nina Wadia reveals to Soaplife the torment and guilt Zainab’s suffering over Yusef’s death – and how it leads to her confessing all!

So, no one knows Zainab deliberately sent Yusef into the fire to rescue Afia, who didn’t need rescuing?

“No and she is desperate to tell someone. It comes out very badly, in front of the whole family and it’s quite degrading. What is really hurting her is that she blames herself for Tamwar’s injuries. Because of her lie about Afia, he went into the fire, too, and got badly burned.”

How does everyone react when Zainab tells the truth?

“They are shocked and angry, but at the end of the day they know Zainab was being badly hurt by Yusef. Afia takes Tamwar’s shirt off to show Zainab the burns, telling her that this is what she did to him. Zainab begs Afia for forgiveness.”

Then Zainab finds out she’s inherited Yusef’s money, but she doesn’t want it. Why?

“It’s funny, but when I got the scripts, I was screaming, ‘How stupid is this woman?’ But I can see that she feels the money is cursed. It’s from a bad time in her life and she wants to do something good with it. She tries to give it to Afia, but she starts arguing with Tamwar and that reinforces Zainab’s belief that it’s cursed. She is very superstitious.”

So she gives the money to Denise and Kim?

“Yes, because they lost their B&B livelihood because of the fire.”

Has Zainab recovered from her ordeal with Yusef?

“She’s relieved it’s all over. She was so put upon by him. She is quite a changed woman and it will take her a while to get back to being old, fun, mad Zainab. What it has done is made her realise how much she loves Masood.”

What’s in store for Zainab and Masood?

“Well, Denise tells her to get back together with Masood, but her religious and cultural beliefs complicate things. They can’t do anything at the moment, as Zainab has to go into mourning for four months and 10 days – for a man who tried to kill her!”