EastEnders’ Nitin Ganatra: ‘Don’t expect Masood to recover in the next episode…’

EastEnders’ Nitin Ganatra reveals to Soaplife how Masood ends up in the gutter…literally!

Where did it all go wrong for Masood?
“He was married for 30 years and took his role as a father and a provider seriously. Nobody needs him any more and he has lost his identity. He’s lost his mum and he’s come back to the Square to find he has lost Carol, too.”

Why does he steal money from Tamwar?
“To gamble. He has a long-term gambling problem and really believes that he will hit a winning streak and be able to return the money. You have to remember; he is clouded by drink and depression. It’s really humiliating for him when Tamwar finds out he stole his university fund.”

How does he end up in the gutter?
“He has started drinking, a sign that he doesn’t care any more. He’s depressed. He comes out of the Minute Mart with a bottle of whisky and a handful of cash. He’s quite drunk and some youths see an opportunity. They take the bottle and the money and knock him over.”

And it’s heartbreaking when Carol tells him she has cancer…
“That was a really tough episode to film. Masood turns up at Carol’s house and she tells him about the cancer, but he is too drunk to pay attention. He ends up breaking down and she has to comfort him!”

How does he feel about Carol?
“He still loves her and was really confused when she told him it wasn’t going to work.”

Where does Masood go from here?
“EastEnders have given him a downward spiral that lasts for a while. Shabnam is home and she is going to try and clean him up a little bit. But just because he washes his hair, has a shave and changes his underwear doesn’t mean that he is OK. When somebody is that low, you don’t expect them to recover in the next episode…”