EastEnder’s Nitin Ganatra on Masood kissing Jane!

EastEnders’ Nitin Ganatra says Masood doesn’t want to lie to the police… but he does want an affair with Jane!

How does Masood find out that the property deal Max has going with Ian is a scam?

“Archie tells Mas and Ian it’s all a con so Max can get the money to repay Phil, and so they double bluff Max at the last moment. It’s great as I got to shout at Phil and Max a lot. As Mas I never get to act with anyone else other than his batty family. It was the first time I’ve exchanged any dialogue with Jake Wood [Max] and I’ve only said one line to Steve McFadden [Phil] in two years.”

How will Mas raise the extra cash now?

“He’s doing three jobs. I’ve done it myself. There’s a strong work ethic in the Asian community. My dad’s 78 and still runs a paper shop in Coventry. When I go home

I get up at 3.30am and do it with him.”

One of Mas’ jobs lands him in trouble when he taxis Max’s ex-wife Rachel home. How?

“On the way he falls asleep at the wheel and crashes. Mas is okay but they don’t know if Rachel’s going to make it.”

To make it worse he lies to the police about the accident. What does he say?

“When the police ask how it happened, Amira chips in about Mas swerving to avoid a kid on a moped. That puts him in another spot as he can’t do right and tell the truth because it will get Amira into trouble.”

He must be relieved to find out Rachel’s going to be okay…

“Of course but he’s still disgusted with himself for lying. He’s also worried about Rachel contradicting his version of events.”

Shame Jane’s not there to kiss it better… Which brings us to why DID he kiss her?

“Why not? When you’re married with three kids and one on the way it’s not often that someone attractive lunges at you.”

Will it go any further when Jane returns?

“It’s difficult to say as they both love their partners. But I’d like it to. I pitched an idea about having them in a hotel room and facing the dilemma of whether or not they should give in to their attraction…”

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