EastEnders’ Pam: Pat’s exit is a ‘brave’ storyline

Pam St Clement has described the way EastEnders producers wrote her character Pat Evans out of the soap as ‘brave’.

The Albert Square stalwart bows out of the soap next week and Pam, who has played the colourful character for 25 years, said her final episode is very moving.

“I think that final hour is going to be fairly special actually. It’s something quite brave for EastEnders,” she said.

Describing Pat’s final moments, she said: “It’s intensive, it’s very concentrated, and sometimes we tend to concentrate on the big, the events, the things that happen, the big geography and the big emotions, and we don’t sort of go inwards as much as we used to in the early days.

“Back then it was then totally based on people rather than events. Television has changed in general, so it’s not surprising. I just think sometimes we do it quite well.”

Pam also revealed that Pat’s iconic look was her idea.

She said: “I love the idea that women of my generation and of that particular place and time that Pat came from, that sort of social place, tend to be stuck in their heyday, so I think that the blue eye shadow and the bright pink lipstick was very much her heyday.

“It’s all different now, I think that because it’s something that we revere now, we try and stay younger longer.”

She added: “The earrings are loosely based on one of the characters that I based the physicality on. When I first came in, the hairstyle was the fringe in the front down, and the hair lower down the neck. That was also loosely based on a bus conductress that I saw too.”

The hour-long EastEnders episode screens on BBC One on New Year’s Day.