EastEndersPerry Fenwick has been talking about how excited he is by  all the new changes executive prodcuer Dominic Treadwell-Collins is making to the soap.

“Dominic knows exactly where he’s going, what we’re doing. He’s brought in some great new characters and some really good old ones back as well,” said Perry, 51, who has been playing Billy Mitchell since 1998.

“He’s like a football manager assembling his squad. He’s a bit of a Roy Hodgson at the minute, mixing it up a bit. He’s got in other writers and there’s a hell of a big change going on.”

And Perry, 51,  is hopeful that Billy’s wife Honey, played by Emma Barton, could be one of the old characters Dominic brings back.

“I’d like to think he might consider bringing back Honey. It’s good for the show for characters to return and not just disappear. And it’s very easy to bring old characters back.

“If you start the show as a new character it takes a long time for the public to come round to whether they like them or not. They call it bedding in.

“Whereas if you bring back a character who is already embedded as it were, you don’t have to spend episodes and episodes telling people who they are and where they’re from. They know already.”

Honey left Billy because she was upset with him for getting involved in dodgy dealings with the rest of the Mitchell family, and she took their kids Janet and William with her.

Perry also revealed he avoids reading all of his scripts so he can’t accidentally reveal any plot secrets.

“I think most people who work on soaps do what we call ‘filleting’,” said Perry. “When you get a new script you read just your bit, partly being lazy, but also you should only know what your character knows.

“And it means when people stop me in the street and ask you what’s happening with so-and-so, I can’t give things away because I don’t know ’em.

“I only know what happens with me!”