EastEnders preview Dec 1: Jane discovers another secret on Lucy’s phone! (VIDEO)

So, Friday night’s EastEnders showed us Ian (Adam Woodyatt) charging Lucy’s newly-discovered mobile phone.

On Monday (December 1), we’ll see Jane (Laurie Brett) scrolling through Lucy’s texts, to try to reassure Ian that Lucy loved him.

“On the night Lucy died, I told her she was my favourite, and it was like I was telling a complete stranger,” Ian says to Jane.

“She was a stranger to everyone,” Jane replies. “But she loved you. I’ll show you…give me the phone.”

And she reads out a text from Lucy: “Dad, thanks for the advice. I love you.”

“And there are more,” Jane tells Ian.

Then she stops and stares at the phone.

“What’s wrong?” asks Ian.

Jane’s discovered another of Lucy’s secrets – that’s what’s wrong!

Is it anything to do with one the guilty-looking people in this video? Allegedly, one of them is Lucy’s killer…

Find out when EastEnders continues on BBC1, Monday, December 1, 8.00pm

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