EastEnders preview: the verdict’s in on Max Branning. Has Phil Mitchell nobbled the jury?

Well! EastEnders’ new theme tune should be: Let’s Twist Again after Jane Beale’s (Laurie Brett) performance at Max Branning’s trial for murder.

Even Max (Jake Wood) didn’t look like he believed it when Jane stood up in court and told the jury she was with Max all night, in his bed, with him, when he is supposed to have killed Lucy Beale.

Jane lied under oath because she knows her son Bobby killed Lucy and “can’t let an innocent man go to prison”.

But she might have perjured herself for nothing because then came another shock twist: Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) took the jury foreman (Rupert Holliday Evans) for a car ride at the end of Friday’s episode – and not to show the poor bloke the sights of Walford.

In Monday’s episode, the jury foreman is asked: “ Have the jury reached a verdict upon which you are all agreed?”

What’s he going to say? Will he say “Guilty” then point to Phil and say: “But that brute told me to say ‘Not Guilty’?

Or will he hand Max a get out of jail card?

Find out in EastEnders on BBC1, Monday, September 28, 8.00pm.

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