EastEnders reveal: Kathy makes it back to Albert Square. But will Phil let her stay?

The EastEnders “What’s going on with Kathy?” mystery hots up in the coming weeks and viewers will start to wonder if there’s something going on between Kathy Sullivan (Gillian Taylforth) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) that Sharon should know about…

Because when Kathy arrives back in Albert Square she goes straight to see her ex, Phil .

Kathy came back from the dead during the BBC soap’s live week in February and, so far, Phil is one of the few people who know she is alive (although we know that in the weeks to come, Kathy is going to race to the rescue of suicidal son Ian, played by Adam Woodyatt).

Gillian Taylforth and Steve McFadden in EastEnders

Kathy asks Phil for help in EastEnders (BBC)

What we think is happening is that Kathy is desperate to get away from villainous husband Gavin Sullivan (Paul Nicholas) and return to Walford, and runs to The Arches to ask Phil to help her.

We know Phil has already secretly helped Kathy by giving her cash. But will he want to get further involved in what is hinted to be her very dangerous marriage?

We think he’ll be damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t… Gavin might kill Phil if he finds out he’s been aiding and abetting his wife’s bid to escape him – and Sharon (Letitia Dean) will definitely go ballistic if she finds out Phil’s been keeping such a huge secret from her.

Gillian Taylforth and Steve McFadden in EastEnders

Kathy pleads with Phil for help (BBC)

These scenes will air in EastEnders on BBC1 in the week commencing August 17.



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