EastEnders’ Rita: ‘Roxy & Jack make love not war!’

EastEnders Rita Simons reveals to Soaplife how Roxy and Jack’s fighting over Amy leads to love-making – again! But Roxy still has her day in court…

There was a time when Roxy wanted to get Jack back in bed, but lately all she’s wanted from him is to get her little girl back. So guess what happens – she gets him in bed! Or, as Roxy actress Rita tells Soaplife: “He talks her into it. Mind you if a lamppost said it fancied Roxy she’d be pleased!” Rita laughs. But we’re wondering if there might be more to it than that. Last time Roxy and Jack made love they made Amy and once was all it took. Have they done it again?

Why doesn’t Roxy hate Jack for the way he took Amy?

“She doesn’t hate him at all. She feels sad about the whole situation. She feels sorry for him. She also blames herself massively. She knows if she hadn’t left Amy with Ben then none of this would have happened and Jack wouldn’t have tried to take Amy away.”

But it was an accident, just like the one that happens while Jack is looking after Amy…

“Jack takes Amy to the swings and she has a minor accident when Michael tries to wind up Jack and distracts him. Roxy ends up rowing with Jack over it and he calls her an unfit mother. She hits back with a comment about him having kids all over the place. He has got a cheek because he was never a good dad in the first place!”

And we hear it’s his apology that leads them to passionate sex again…

“Jack talks Roxy into having a glass of wine, then he tells her to stay and kisses her. They end up having sex – I have to believe that she knows Ronnie is over him.”

Does she regret it the next day?

“No. It was completely spontaneous and, though she probably had a few feelings of guilt over Ronnie, this is the father of her child and it means something to her.”

But not to him. Roxy finds out Jack forged her signature to get Amy a passport!

“And she’s furious. She instantly loses all trust in him. She feels he’s betrayed her.”

Is that why Roxy’s lawyer brings up Jack’s dodgy past in court?

“No matter how angry Roxy is she has a human side. Stuff is mentioned in court about Billie dying, about Penny’s accident and Ronnie and she feels bad.”

She tells Jack she knows about the passport. Is she threatening him?

“She’s hoping he’ll do the right thing and come clean about the passport forgery in court himself, but instead he starts throwing all this rubbish at her saying, ‘What about your coke habit?’ She can’t get over the cheek of what he’s doing.”

How does she react?

“She says, ‘OK, I told you not to play me…’ and goes off into the courtroom. Jack knows she’s probably going to use the information about the passport.”

If she wins custody, will she want to hurt Jack for what he’s put her through?

“Because he’s Amy’s dad they have loads of history together and she’s genuinely fond of him. I know it sounds weird, but she never hates him for what he does.”