EastEnders’ Rita: ‘Roxy’s having an affair with her sister!’

Rita Simons reveals to Soaplife that Ronnie’s return forces Alfie to take desperate measures to save his relationship with Roxy in EastEnders

What does it mean to Roxy to have Ronnie back?
“Everything. Roxy’s dad was murdered, she’s lost her Aunty Peggy, her mother, her brother… and even her mate Christian has abandoned her. Part of the reason she’s so addicted to Alfie is that she just wants a family. So to have Ronnie back – family and her best friend – means the world.”

But she’s sneaking behind Alfie’s back to see Ronnie. That’s not good…
“Alfie’s very trusting when he shouldn’t be because, actually, Roxy’s having an affair with her sister, so to speak. She’s more loyal to Ronnie, but she isn’t ready to admit that to herself.”

Has it been a strain keeping the relationship with Ronnie a secret?
“It’s been killing her. Roxy can’t bear how Kat made a mug of Alfie, and she doesn’t want to do it to him, too. She’s plucking up courage to tell him…”

But then Alfie finds out…
“Michael sees them together and he tells Alfie. Roxy’s in the middle of a conversation with Alfie when she gets a text from Ronnie saying, ‘He knows’. All hell breaks loose. Roxy’s sobbing like a baby because she thinks she’s being slung out, but Alfie finally tells her: ‘I’m not leaving you, but we are going away to get back on track’. And off they go. Roxy reluctantly agrees to leave her phone behind so Ronnie can’t get in touch.”

What’s in store for them when they come back?
“I know what happens but, from an outsider’s point of view, I’d say their relationship is doomed. The love affair is between Kat and Alfie and everyone knows it. Roxy will cling on, but I don’t see it working.”


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