Rita Simons explains to Soaplife why she believes that there’s no chance of Roxy and Alfie living happily ever after in EastEnders – well, not together, anyway…

What are Roxy’s feelings for Alfie?

“Alfie is her perfect man. Her true love. She has been with bad boy Sean and was manipulated by her dad for years. Alfie offers Roxy safety, security, love and honesty and that is what she has always craved.”

So she must be thrilled he has proposed?

“She wants to have a baby with him, she wants to marry him. She wants to do all of those things that will give her the illusion that she is safe and secure. She really only wants a simple life.”

Does she know deep down that Alfie still loves Kat?

“I think if you put a gun to Roxy’s head she would say, ‘Alfie doesn’t love me’ but she doesn’t want to admit that to herself. She is a hopeless daydreamer.”

Are you hoping Roxy and Alfie will marry?

“I’d love her to have a big wedding… If we get to that point I will insist on a Jordan-esque pumpkin and a massive dress. It is only fitting for Roxy after that horrific number she wore for her wedding to Sean.”

We know Ronnie is coming back – might she try and talk Roxy out of marrying Alfie?

“There is the minor detail of Roxy being about to marry the man whose baby Ronnie stole! I have no idea what is going to happen, but I think Ronnie would try to talk some sense into Roxy.”

Could Roxy get her happy ever after with Alfie?

“The truth is, Kat and Alfie belong together and I think they will inevitably get back together. For a long time now there has been a lot of drama between Kat and Alfie with Roxy on the outside looking in, but she is about to have some of her own drama and her own heartache. That’s much more interesting for me. I got into this job because I love a bit of drama!”

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