Samantha Womack warns that Ronnie’s baby obsession in EastEnders could end in disaster!

Why does Ronnie want to leave Walford so soon?
“Ronnie doesn’t know which way to turn next. Walford just seems so complicated for her. Everywhere she goes there are sad memories to contend with – Danielle’s death, Jack’s betrayal and Archie’s deception. She is sick of Jack’s empty promises and finding out that Archie is back in town is the final straw.”

Does she go?
“No, because she overhears Archie saying he won’t leave until Peggy takes him back. She realises Peggy can’t stand up to Archie on her own so she moves back into The Vic to keep him out.”

How does she feel about Archie?
“She will not let him destroy the family again and will do anything to keep him out of their lives.”

And Jack?
“Ronnie will always be drawn to Jack, but she’s been too hurt by him and now the shutters have come down.”

But there’s romance on the cards…
“New hunk Ryan comes to The Vic looking for a job. One minute Ronnie is showing him how to change a barrel, the next they’re in bed. Sparks fly. There’s an instant attraction between them and for once Ronnie drops her guard.”

What does she like about Ryan?
“Ryan’s a handsome, straightforward guy who doesn’t appear to have any issues. He’s just what she needs to help her get over Jack.”

How will she react if she finds out Janine warns Ryan that Ronnie only wants him to make a baby?
“Janine’s jealous Ryan’s with Ronnie and not her and out to make trouble. She also goes through Ronnie’s bag and finds some drugs.”

Are they connected with her baby obsession too?
“Ronnie’s using them as a crutch but they’re not enough. She needs real help.”

Is there going to be a ‘Who’s The Daddy?’ storyline with Ronnie pregnant?
“We’ll have to wait and see but there’s a danger Ronnie’s spiralling out of control.”