EastEnders’ Sam: ‘I couldn’t stop crying’

EastEnders’ Samantha Womack tells Soaplife that when Ronnie watches Kat bury her baby she knows she has to put things right…

Why ever did Ronnie swap her dead baby for Kat’s live and kicking one?

“It wasn’t premeditated. She was in a panic. It was the most raw you have ever seen her. She heard a baby crying and in her mind she couldn’t differentiate fact from fiction. She didn’t know what she was doing when she took Kat’s baby Tommy.”

But why didn’t she confess immediately when she realised what she’d done?

“She was going to, but then Jack came home and he was so happy to meet his son. Ronnie couldn’t do it. But she knows at some point she’s going to have to do the right thing and give the baby back.”

Kat and Alfie arrange Ronnie’s baby’s funeral. Does Ronnie go?

“Ronnie nervously asks Alfie if she can attend the funeral and he says she can. But Kat crosses her off the guest list so Alfie has to tell Ronnie it would be best if she didn’t come.”

But she goes anyway?

“Of course, she has to be there. But she lurks behind a tree and watches from a distance. Seeing her own child’s funeral is like an epiphany. Ronnie knows she has to give Kat her baby back.”

Does she do the right thing?

“She knows she’s done wrong and runs into the pub with the baby. I won’t tell you what happens, but it doesn’t go according to plan and Ronnie leaves thinking the world has gone mad.”

So she still plays mummy to Kat’s baby?

“Well, yes, and this child starts to look like it needs her so she is completely messed up because, fundamentally, she wants her baby. She wants the smell of her own child. She hasn’t been able to grieve for him – somebody else is doing that for her.”

Does she feel guilty?

“At the moment I’m playing her doing ‘normal’, but I hope there is going to be something. You can’t just steal somebody’s baby. But Ronnie’s not a normal person. She’s been through so much with her dad, Danielle, the miscarriage… She wouldn’t react in the same way as somebody who has had a happy life.”

How hard are you finding it to play this storyline?

“As a mother myself it was so hard to play. When Ronnie found her baby dead I had to stop filming for a bit as I couldn’t stop crying. It was too much…”