Samantha Janus has revealed the lengths she has to go to in order to stay in shape.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, the EastEnders actress, who plays Ronnie Mitchell, admitted: “I go to bed hungry every night.

“It’s terrible and if I’m honest, yeah, it upsets me deeply.”

The mum-of-two reportedly went on: “I miss being able to eat whatever want – I love food and love eating. But if I’ve had a big dinner or gorged on the kids’ leftovers I’ll eat virtually nothing the next day. Maybe a bowl of porridge or a salad to try to even it out.”

Samantha admitted the reason behind her diet is purely work-based.
“I’m not a character actress. I’m known as a femme-fatale actress who’s got older,” she said. “If I let myself go and put on weight, no one would employ me. I’d love to think it wouldn’t matter, but I have done it – and I didn’t get any work.

“This is the way I make my money and support my family and I have to do it properly. And if I don’t do it, I don’t have an income.”

However, the actress had little sympathy for the likes of Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie, saying: “At least I’m honest. I hate the way size zero women lie and say they eat normally.

“But I know why they do it – because there is huge pressure to look your best.”