EastEnders’ Samantha: ‘Ronnie rallies the Mitchell troops!’

Samantha Womack reveals to Soaplife that Ronnie’s baby-snatch nightmare comes back to haunt her when she finds herself looking after little Lexi in EastEnders

How does Ronnie come to be taking care of Lexi?
“Lexi’s taken ill when she’s at the child minder’s. They can’t reach Lola or Billy and it’s Ronnie who takes the call and ends up looking after Lexi.”

But Lola’s scared when she finds out Ronnie has her baby…
“As Lola and Billy arrive home they hear Ronnie talking to Lexi and they can tell Ronnie’s frightened. Lola realises Ronnie means Lexi no harm and is really reassuring, telling her it’s fine, she’s family after all.”

Jack seems to have forgiven her, too and they’ve spent the night together…
“Ronnie still loves him. They’ve got so much history, but I don’t think she really wants to open up that side of herself. For her to survive, she needs to switch off that part of herself.”

Does that mean she’s going to dump him?
“Wait and see! But I think it’s too soon for her to be linked with anyone romantically.”

She’s struggling to reconnect with Roxy, too…
“That’s down to Alfie; he doesn’t want Roxy near Ronnie. Even though Roxy is doing the worst possible thing in rejecting her, Ronnie forgives her.”

And Roxy does start to see Ronnie behind Alfie’s back…
“It’s all about the Mitchell clan for Ronnie. She’s rallying the troops, getting all the Mitchells back together. We know the pain Ronnie has been through, now it’s more interesting to see somebody pull themselves together.”

What can you tell us about Jack’s leaving storyline?
“I was sobbing uncontrollably during his leaving scenes. I’m very close to Scott [Maslen, who plays Jack], he’s like a brother. There was a send-off here, but privately we’ll do something like dinner – which I’m sure I’ll end up cooking!”


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