EastEnders‘ Shane Richie reveals to Soaplife that Alfie lives to regretaccusing Kat of cheating on him again…

It should be a champagne-cork-popping occasion, but Kat’s pregnancy news is tearing her and Alfie apart. He’s wrong to accuse her of cheating but even as he finds out that he IS the dad, Kat tragically loses their baby. “Alfie’s desolate and promises to prove his love to Kat,” says Shane. But is it too little too late?

Why doesn’t Alfie believe he’s the daddy of the baby Kat’s carrying?
“Alfie was told in a back street in Spain that he couldn’t have children so that’s why he’s assuming Kat’s done it again… she’s cheated on him.”

And poor Kat’s reeling…
“She’s furious and hurt. She can’t believe that he’d doubt her after everything they’ve been through with Tommy. How can he even think she’s been sleeping around?”

So Kat makes him see the doctor to prove he’s the father…
“Yusef says Alfie’s fertility may have changed so Kat drags him off for tests. Alfie agrees because he wants to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

Will he stick by Kat whatever the result?
“Yes. He tells her he doesn’t care who the father is as he’ll always love her. But that makes her even more angry and she screams at him that he IS the father and their marriage is over.”

What happens when they get the test results?
“The results reveal that Alfie is not sterile and he’s thrilled because Kat’s carrying his baby. But then Kat clutches her stomach in pain. Something is wrong…”

What happens?
“He apologises for doubting Kat, but she doesn’t want him to go to the hospital with her. She wants Mo. Alfie catches up with them at the hospital and is distraught when he finds out they’ve lost the baby – for himself and for Kat.”

And how does Kat react?
“Alfie says they can try again, but Kat says they’ve got Shenice and Tommy and she doesn’t want another baby. He says he wants their own child, but she says, ‘Why would I have a child with you when you didn’t believe the last one was yours?’.”

Uh-oh. Will this split them up?
“Who knows? I’m not sure people like Kat and Alfie when they’re really happy. They’re at their best when there’s a fly in the ointment. It feels as if Jessie and I are rebooting Kat and Alfie now. Alfie tells Kat he’s going to prove to her how much he loves her.”

Can he do that?
“Alfie’s constantly thinking problems will go away. He’s ever the optimist and I love that about him. But the miscarriage is going to have some far-reaching repercussions…”