Shane Richie reveals to Soaplife how Alfie breaks his own heart in EastEnders when he decides to ask Kat for a divorce and tells her he doesn’t love her any more. But is his future really with Roxy?

Alfie may still love Kat but he can’t trust her, which means he has to give up on her and give her a divorce. But, reveals Shane, the writers haven’t given up on them. “They’re doing the whole, ‘Will they, won’t they?’ thing,’ Shane tells Soaplife. “But while they’re both in Albert Square I don’t think they can start again. There are too many memories for them.” Uh-oh, we hope Shane’s not hinting at another double exit…

Is Alfie sure he wants to divorce Kat?
“He thought he was but after he’s told Kat, he kind of gets cold feet. He realises that perhaps he should have thought about it a bit more.”

But Alfie tells Kat he doesn’t love her any more. Is that true?
“No. I think he’s trying to convince himself and the people around him, but the only person he’s fooling is himself.”

So does Alfie love Roxy?
“She’s his rock. He genuinely has feelings for her, but is he in love with her? I don’t know.”

Kat’s cheated on him before… Why is it different this time?
“It’s the big trust issue. Alfie got mugged off and the affair with Derek was all so public. That was a bitter pill for him to swallow. He tells Kat he can’t trust her again, yet at the same time he’s looking at her and his heart is breaking.”

Then Kat and Roxy have a fight in The Vic… Whose side is Alfie on?
“Roxy thinks that Alfie is going to side with Kat, but he doesn’t. He takes Roxy’s side and shows her he’s going to move forward with her.”

So why does he go looking for Kat to make sure she’s OK?
“Exactly! This is where he’s torn you see. After everything Kat’s done to him, he still doesn’t want to hurt her.”

But Kat hurts him again by jumping into bed with Michael! How shocked is Alfie?
“To him it just highlights the truth of who and what Kat is. It makes him believe he’s doing the right thing in divorcing her. He tells her he’s disgusted. But then he tells Michael, ‘If you’re doing this to get your thrills I feel sorry for you. But if you have got feelings for her, don’t hurt her.’ And that says it all really.”

Are Alfie and Kat really finished for good?
“Well, something else is set to happen which we’re filming now and people are going to go, ‘Oh my God, Alfie, please!'”