EastEnders’ Shane Richie: ‘Jessie and I are doing a lot of bed scenes!’

EastEnders’ Shane Richie reveals to Soaplife how he’s just as thrilled as Alfie to be back with Kat!

So… how happy is Alfie?
“He wants to shout it from the rooftops that they’re back together, but Kat has to remind him that he has just left Roxy and it would be best not to rub her nose in it.”

Ah yes, Roxy… How’s she coping without Alfie?
“She goes back to being a bit of a wild child. You see the old Roxy again. She signs papers annulling their marriage and suddenly has her freedom back… then she throws it in Alfie’s face by getting drunk and sleeping with Carl.”

Phil’s not happy with the way Alfie’s treated his cousin Roxy, either, is he?
“No. The pub is full and Phil tells Alfie that he has crushed his Capri and everyone is drinking on the money he made from scrap. Then Phil tells Alfie and Kat that they’ll be out of the Vic at Christmas.”

“Kat and Alfie are gutted. Now Alfie’s got no money and his back is against the wall. There’s a twinkle in his eye again and he’s got to make a few quid. He’s doing all these cons around the market.”

We know that Danny Dyer’s new character Mick Carter and his family will run the Vic…
“And Mick will want Alfie’s help. There’s a friendship happening between them…”

Are you happy that Alfie is with Kat again?
“I am. I love working with Jessie [Wallace, who plays Kat]. I can tell you we’re doing a lot of bed scenes at the moment! Even when we aren’t working, we spend a lot of time together socially.”

So what kind of Christmas does Alfie have?
“I can’t tell you that…”