EastEnders’ Shane Richie: ‘What happens at the wedding is brilliant’

EastEnders’ Shane Richie reveals to Soaplife that after kissing Kat, Alfie realises his life is meaningless without her… just as he’s about to marry Roxy!

When did Alfie realise he still loves Kat?
“Michael’s funeral brought them together. Kat read something into it that Alfie was oblivious to at the time. It was on his stag night that it hit him. He felt out of control and had to talk to Kat.”

And he kisses her! What does Alfie do when Kat later tries to talk about their kiss?
“He stops her by saying, ‘About last night, that was the drink talking’. He makes out that he didn’t mean what he said.’

And that’s it? Finished?
“Kat resigns herself to the fact that there’s no future for her and Alfie and tells Bianca she isn’t going to the wedding.”

Why is Alfie still going ahead with this wedding?
“His heart isn’t in it, but he believes he should marry Roxy and try to make it work with her. He’s been given a million reasons not to show up, but he does…and so does Kat. A part of Alfie thinks Kat’s going to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Kat doesn’t think that Alfie is going to go through with it. There’s this whole miscommunication thing that they’re always doing and Alfie ends up thinking that Kat doesn’t want him any more.”

So he marries Roxy?
“I can’t tell you that! But what does happen is brilliant.”

Find out if the wedding goes ahead on EastEnders from Monday, November 25.


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