EastEnders shock: Kush tells Martin – I’m not marrying Shabnam!

They’ve been engaged for a while now, but Kush and Shabnam had more pressing things on their mind with the death of their baby, Zaair, in EastEnders.

Now Shabnam is keen to get the ball rolling with their nuptials, but does she have an ulterior motive for finally setting a date? Kush thinks so, and confides in Martin that he doesn’t want the wedding to go ahead.

Shabnam breaks the happy news to Kush – she wants to get married next week!


Kush is initially shocked, but delighted. Until…


He finds out that Shabnam wants to be married in order to help with her custody application for daughter Jade – and he tells Martin the wedding is off!


Martin tells Stacey about Kush’s change of heart.


She’s concerned for her friend and vows to talk to Shabnam about her plans.


Later, Kush confronts Shabnam and tells her he knows what she’s playing at.


She refuses to listen to reason, and Kush ends up storming out.


Will the wel-matched couple manage to get their engagement back on track? Watch EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, 26 October


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