EastEnders actress Shona McGarty tells Soaplife that Whitney’s so used to Mr Wrongs she doesn’t recognise Mr Right when she sees him…

Whitney’s feeling good about life as she heads off for her date with Lee – but he’s not her Mr Right. He’s another Mr Wrong whose real aim is to trap her into a meeting with an evil face from her past: Rob the pimp! And all the while there’s Fatboy… Can’t she fall for him? “Whitney doesn’t know what’s good for her,” says Shona tells Soaplife. No, but maybe her upcoming ordeal will help her wise up.

Did Whitney think she’d seen the last of Rob?
“She’s been looking over her shoulder ever since she did a runner from him in March.”

And it turns out Lee’s working for Rob?
“Yes. Whitney’s going to meet Lee when she bumps into Rob. He says he’s only come to say goodbye and tells her that his mum is ill. He says he loves her and she can come with him if she wants and Whitney starts to think that maybe he’s changed…”

“Whitney has a warped view of relationships. There hasn’t been a man in her life she could really trust. She thought she loved Tony and didn’t realise he was exploiting her.”

So when does she realise she’s been set up?
“She texts Lee and hears the phone beep in Rob’s jacket. She suddenly realises the danger she’s in. She tells Rob that she will go with him, but she needs to go home first to get some things. The house is empty and she escapes out of the back.”

And runs off to Southend?
“Yes, with Fatboy, Dot, Shirley and Heather. She runs out of her house just as they’re leaving in Phil’s Jag. She jumps in asking to join them.”

But Rob tracks her down?
“He finds her at a fairground. She tells him to leave her alone, but he puts her down and teases her about being in a relationship with Fatboy. He tries to get her into his car, but she runs off and hides. Fatboy finds her and they flee together.”

Does Whitney have feelings for Fatboy?
“She sees him as no more than a friend, but he’s got a soft spot for her and comes to her rescue when Rob later pushes his way into her hotel room. She’s terrified, but he manipulates her again by telling her they belong together. He’s getting inside her head again when Fatboy shows up. He squares up to Rob and Rob flips and starts beating Fatboy up. Whitney suddenly sees the real Rob.”

We know Ryan gets involved, too…
“Rob leaves after the fight at the hotel and Whitney tells Fatboy she wants her brother so he rings him. Ryan comes to Southend and hunts down Rob and they have a fight on the pier. It looks as if Ryan is going to push Rob into the sea, but Rob doesn’t let go and they both go over the side…”

Does Whitney call the police?
“Yes and they start searching the sea looking for Ryan and Rob. Whitney is terrified Ryan is dead when she sees the divers pulling a body out of the water. He is all she’s got and she can’t bear the thought of losing him.”