EastEnders sneak preview: is this Billy helping Ronnie dispose of Dean’s body?

Has Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) killed again?

EastEnders have released some intriguing behind-the-scenes pictures of Ronnie and Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) driving around remote countryside in a hearse, which suggest she could have enlisted the help of Billy to get rid of a body…

With their car broken down, are Billy and Ronnie going to get caught getting rid of a body?


And it could be Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo). He’s up in court in the coming week for his attack on Ronnie’s sister Roxy (Rita Simons).

But there’s no sign of Roxy and, without her testimony, Dean could walk free.

Ronnie wouldn’t like that. It could put her in a murderous mood… And she’s wanted Dean dead for a long time.

She also wanted former lover/police informant/Mitchell family enemy Vincent Hubbard dead.

Ronnie looks worried… What has she done now?


We know Ronnie has already tried to kill former lover/police informant Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) once – but ended up accidentally disposing of Fatboy (Ricky Norwood).

Has she been more successful second time round?

Or is she using Billy for something less deadly?

Ronnie definitely doesn’t look happy. In fact, she looks a bit worried. Is it because the hearse breaks down in the middle of nowhere?

Stuck in the middle of nowhere in a hearse… Has a deadly mission has gone wrong for Ronnie?


Or is she upset because whatever mission she’s on has gone badly wrong?

Ronnie can be seen in the hearse with Billy, looking at her phone. Are they looking for directions?

Or are they looking for Dean? Maybe Ronnie had him and he got away and she’s got Billy helping her look for him.

But if she’s up to no good she’s hardly being discreet: that hearse is not for undercover operations, just official six-feet-under business.

Exactly what – or who – are Ronnie and Billy looking for?


Whatever they’re doing, we bet Billy’s missus, Honey (Emma Barton), wouldn’t approve. She hates Billy getting dragged into Mitchell family dramas and, if this is a really big one, Billy could find himself dumped by Honey all over again.

EastEnders continues on BBC1, Monday, February 1, 8.00pm.

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