EastEnders’ sneak preview: Phil discovers nasty Nick has come back to life!

It has been easy enough for nasty Nick Cotton (John Altman) to manipulate his old Ma, Dot (June Brown), and get his feet firmly back under her kitchen table.

But when Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) finds out he’s alive, Nick might wish he’d stayed dead!

Phil discovers that Nick is hiding in Dot’s house and goes to confront him in the episode that airs on Monday, December 15.

We don’t want to give away what happens but, as you can imagine, Phil doesn’t want Nick in Albert Square – not now that Charlie (Declan Bennett) is about to marry into his family. That would make Phil and Nick related by marriage and that thought’s enough to completely ruin Phil’s Christmas.

But what can Phil do about the unsaintly Nick? Well, most people think he’s already dead… Who would it hurt if Nick really was six feet under, besides poor Dot?

EastEnders continues on BBC1, Monday, December 1, 8.00pm.

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