EastEnders spoiler alert! Why is Cindy hanging on to Ian as if her life depended on him?

Straight from the EastEnders news desk comes a storm warning for Ian Beale… and, for a change, it’s nothing (much) to do with Lucy’s murder.

This storm takes the shape of heavily pregnant schoolgirl Cindy Williams Jnr (Mimi Keene), who reappears in Walford later this month – to a rather underwhelming reception from Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt).

Ian is desperate for Cindy to leave… Hmmm, funny that. When Cindy left a few months ago, Ian was begging her to stay. Now she’s back, he can’t wait to get rid of her. Why?

Well, Cindy’s another person who knows Ian lied about where he was the night Lucy was murdered.

But very quickly, that is the last thing on Ian’s mind… He realises that Cindy’s trying to cover something up and she is – she’s in labour! But it’s not long before there’s no hiding the fact that a baby’s on the way…

EastEnders delivers this dramatic episode on BBC1, Thursday, August 28. Stand by with the hot towels!