We know EastEnders’ tormented dad Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) is going to try to commit suicide soon; we’ve all seen the pictures.

Now we might know why… He turns in son Bobby to the police for Lucy’s murder.

In the episode due to air on Monday, September 7, Ian has an emotional conversation with Dot Branning (June Brown) about Max Branning (Jake Wood) being on trial for killing Lucy.

“What Max has to do is face up to what he done and take his punishment,” Dot says to Ian. “I learned that the hard way, with my Nick.”

“Yeah, but he was your son. It’s only natural you’d want to protect him,” Ian tells Dot.

“I didn’t kill him, Ian. But I didn’t call the ambulance and so I let him die. It might have been very different if I hadn’t let him get away with it in his early years,” Dot replies.

Ian looks thoughtful.

“If you could go back, if you could do things differently, would you turn Nick in?” he asks Dot.

“Yes, yes I think I would,” Dot answers.

“Even thought you loved him?” Ian pushes.

“Particularly because I loved him. I mean, I know the truth can hurt but it’s the only thing what matters in the end.”

Is Ian finally going to decide that it’s time to tell the truth about Bobby? Is that why he can’t live with himself?

Or will Ian be unable to live with himself because he can’t tell the truth?

EastEnders continues on BBC1, Monday, September 7, 8.00pm.