EastEnders star June Brown: ‘I refused to give up smoking; it’s one of my only pleasures’

June Brown on defying the ageing process

EastEnders legend June Brown has revealed that she refused to give up smoking for ITV’s new show, 100 Years Younger in 21 Days.

The 91-year-old actress, who plays Dot Cotton, joined seven other famous faces including her former EastEnders castmate Sid Owen, in a clinic on the island of Sardinia, where they underwent a strict exercise regime and diet.

June said they all joked it was like “Alcatraz” and added: “We wore watches to show the steps we’d taken and I kept saying to Sid, ‘Put your watch on me so I can have your steps!’ I also refused to give up smoking; it’s one of my only pleasures.”

The celebs are all scientifically assessed to see how their body, face and brain ages compare to their real ages before collectively aiming to reduce the figure by a century.

“I didn’t have face peels because the facial doctor said to me, ‘I wouldn’t do anything to your face.’ That was nice, unless he felt it was past repair! I did have a facial, though, where you put wee on a flannel and wipe it over your face. I’m better off with my face cream.”

As for the appeal of going on the show, June said: “I’ve always been fit and active and tried to have a good diet, but I was underweight so I wants to feel stronger. Sardinia was lovely ; they live in a more simple society and that’s the key to longevity.”

See June Brown and co tomorrow on ITV in 100 Years Younger in 21 Days at 9.00pm.

Main pic: Tony Ward

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