EastEnders Steve John Shepherd reveals to Soaplife that being a new husband and father hasn’t changed Michael for the better!

He’s married Janine and is doing his best to be a dad to their tiny daughter Scarlett in his own weird way – but Michael still hasn’t won Janine’s trust. “And rightly so based on his record,” says Steve. So Janine should keep watching her back…

How is Michael feeling now he’s a father?
“He’s lost. He’s feeling inadequate and also, which I gather is quite normal for new fathers, slightly surplus to requirements. Fatherhood is certainly more difficult than he anticipated. He’s not getting any sleep and he’s taking care of the business during the day.”

Does he understand what Janine’s going through as a new mum?
“Janine’s increasingly worrying Michael with her erratic behaviour. She’s frazzled with sleep deprivation. But Michael’s really selfish and his empathy button is quite small and difficult to find.”

He asks Janine to make him a signatory for the business accounts. Does he realise Janine suspects he’s after her money?
“Yes, he does see that. Michael’s used to everyone being incredibly suspicious of him whenever he makes a move of any description that involves money or any kind of trust. He realises he has to be on his best behaviour for a while to get everything back in line.”

Then he uses the money to buy himself a flash car!
“His argument is that they need a family car – a BMW 5 Series with 18-inch pimp wheels. Well, I wouldn’t call it a family car, but I’m not Michael. Obviously Janine’s money helps when one is shopping for a new car. He’s taken advantage of those funds and that’s another thing that feeds into Janine’s paranoia.”

Does Michael really love Janine?
“I wouldn’t want to commit to something so black and white when we all know it’s a thousand shades of grey.”

Is he going to fleece her?
“I don’t know how it will end. Nobody tells me anything!”