EastEnders‘ Steve John Shepherd reveals to Soaplife that Michael’s going to make Ronnie sorry she ever messed with him!

Michael’s devastated when he confesses his feelings for Ronnie and she tells him to get lost. “She tells him she’s with Jack and that if he comes near her again she’ll kill him,” Steve tells Soaplife. And that’s when he hatches an evil plan for revenge…

He gets really nasty, doesn’t he?
“Yes. His behaviour is coming from the dark recesses of his soul. Michael is a person who wants to win in every situation and he’s angry that Ronnie has turned him down. He can’t turn to his family; he feels threatened by his dad and threatened by Tyler, his half-brother who shows up.”

And he sets Ronnie up?
“He offers to look after Tommy for Kat and Alfie. Then he texts Ronnie from Roxy’s phone, asking to meet her in the park. When she gets there, she sees Tommy alone in his pram and picks him up. Michael has alerted Kat and Alfie, who then turn up and think Ronnie’s stolen him again.”

“His thoughts and feelings are not cut and dried. He has a complex cauldron of emotions.”

Is guilt among them? He’s really stitched Ronnie up!
“Remorse is something that comes later. Michael will be working out what he feels over the coming weeks. It goes on for a while. There’s a lot more to come and some of it’s from his relationship with his father. “

Roxy finds out what he’s done to Ronnie and dumps him. Is it really over?
“For the time being. Don’t assume it’s over for good, though. I think Michael loves Roxy in as far as he can experience love.”