EastEnders’ Steve: ‘Things are going to get ghastly!’

Steve John Shepherd reveals to Soaplife that Michael has no intention of being defeated by Janine in EastEnders. He wants his baby girl back – and he’ll stop at nothing to get her!

Why didn’t Michael fight Janine with lawyers?
“He had a good case, but Janine has lots of money to pay top lawyers and Michael’s broke as the gym isn’t doing well and Jack’s not around to lend him money. He knows that wouldn’t be the surest path to victory.”

We take it he has no feelings for Janine any more?
“I think any residual feelings he might have had for Janine disappeared when she came back and made cruel demands.”

How does Michael feel when he sees Scarlett with the nanny Janine has hired?
“For a start, he’s worried about his daughter and doesn’t want her to be looked after by a stranger. He’s also hoping that Janine won’t be able to cope with Scarlett, that she’ll find it so hard she’ll hand her back to him.”

How does Alice fit into all of this?
“Michael knows she fancies him and he’s flattered. But he also sees this as something he can use. With Alice, he has a way into Janine’s house, a way to get closer to Scarlett… Alice is so determined to help Michael she snatches Scarlett from under the new nanny’s nose and says she was left unattended. Michael’s pleased when this leads to Alice getting the job as Janine’s nanny.”

So she can spy on Janine for him?
“Exactly! Alice can let Michael know what Janine is up to. And, of course, he has more chance of getting access to Scarlett if she is in Alice’s care. At the moment, Janine’s not letting him spend time with his daughter and that is really painful for him.”

Where is this all leading?
“It’s leading to a gruesome and gothic finale! As you know, I’m leaving EastEnders later this year and I’m really pleased that things between Janine and Michael are going to be ghastly.”

Is Michael going to get the better of Janine?
“It’s going to be a real battle of wits and Michael doesn’t contemplate the idea of losing for a minute…”


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