The Trueman family will take centre stage for Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders, which will feature an all-black cast for the first time in the BBC Onef soap’s history.

Set almost entirely in the Trueman household, the storyline looks back at Patrick’s memories of moving to Britain in the 1950s and includes references to Martin Luther King and expressions like ‘coloureds’ and ‘negroes’.

The episode begins with Chelsea, played by Tiana Benjamin, going on a date with Theo (Roland Bell), who reveals he is writing a book on the 1958 Notting Hill race riots.

Chelsea learns that Patrick was arrested on an assault charge during the violence and he reveals his early experiences of racism in Britain.

When she shows Lucas (Don Gilet) the newspaper clippings, he uses Patrick’s secret past to blackmail him into silence about not beginning divorce proceedings with Trina.

A show insider commented to The Sun: “The Trueman family do have strong storylines at the moment, but this is more than that. It’s clearly very much a deliberate decision to have an all-black cast.”

A synopsis of the episode, to be screened at 7.30pm on BBC One, does not draw attention to the fact that it is the first time an all-black cast has been used.

It simply states: “A nostalgic Patrick reminisces about 1950s London.”

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