EastEnders’ Tanya gets closer to the truth

Stacey manages to bluff her way out of it when Tanya catches her with Max in EastEnders – but Jo Joyner warns that Tanya is beginning to add up all the clues…

Is Tanya getting suspicious that Max is up to his old tricks again?

“Things are beginning to suggest he is but I don’t think she truly believes Max would have another affair because she laid down the law that last time it happened.”

What sort of things are occuring now then?

“Well, she can’t get it out of her head that Max forgot to pick Abi up from school the time that Deano nearly ran her over and it niggles her. It’s just not like him to forget them, his family. The only time it’s happened before is when he’s been having an affair.”

Is that why Tanya’s asked him to attend marriage guidance counselling with her?

“Yes. She feels maybe they haven’t got over his last affair and hopes counselling will help her deal with her paranoia and help them repair the damage.”

It doesn’t though, does it?

“No. First, Max let Tanya down on Valentine’s Day. Max leaves a message saying that he’s been caught up at work. The truth is he’s with Stacey…”

And what happened on Tanya’s birthday?

“She finds a receipt for some jewellery, but Abi tells her he’s bought her a handbag. Her blood runs cold and she prays that Abi’s not right. But Max covers and presents her with a necklace and then she feels guilty for doubting him. But when Tanya falls asleep – he sneaks out to see Stacey. The bastard!”

It’s not looking very good, is it?

“No. But so far Max is doing a very good job of fooling Tanya.”

Why does she stay with him?

“When Max is bad, he’s very very bad, but when he’s good, he’s very very good! When they aren’t arguing, they get on great, don’t you think? I do. He loves her and the kids, he makes her laugh and she still fancies the pants off him.”

Sean starts flirting with her again. How does she feel about that?

“She fancies Sean and she’s flattered by the attention, especially when she isn’t getting any from Max. But I don’t think she would have an affair with him… at the moment.”

Might that moment come if she catches Max and Stacey?

“Tanya doesn’t know it but she does actually catch them at it in the Vic loo! She wants to talk to Stacey and knocks on the cubicle door, but Stacey manages to bluff her way out of it.”

How would Tanya feel if she found out?

“The thought of it makes me feel sick for her. Maybe she’d leave? Or want revenge? I’d like it if she didn’t let on to Max that she knew and took her time to plan a way to get even.”

What would Tanya do to Stacey?

“Rip her head off! Although, remember, Max had an affair with a younger woman before and that younger woman was Tanya – so history has come and bitten her on the bum!”

What do you think about the affair?

“I think Max is stupid, but I love the way he can’t behave himself and wants to have his cake and eat it. And Tanya couldn’t be with someone who wasn’t a bit of a bad boy… Where would be the fun in that?”