EastEnders: Tanya to bury Max alive!

EastEnders‘ Tanya Branning will bury cheating husband Max alive in a sensational storyline, according to reports.

The mum of three, played by actress Jo Joyner, takes revenge for the love-rat’s affair with his daughter-in-law, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

After weeks of plotting, Tanya seduces Max (Jake Wood) and then drugs him before putting him in a coffin and burying it in woods, says The Sun.

The shocking scenes are due to be shown at Easter, and will go out before the 9pm watershed.

A BBC source said: “Viewers will have to wait to find out whether Max lives or dies.”

Max and Tanya’s relationship becomes increasingly more volatile as they battle over custody of their children, Abi, Lauren and baby Oscar.

Jo said: “Tanya is worried Max could take the kids.

“He’s capable of being nasty to get what he wants. He disgusts Tanya, she doesn’t want him back and feels he is out to hurt her because of that.”

Max is furious when Tanya’s junkie sister Rainey moves in with his family and he reports his wife to social services, claiming that the kids are at risk from dirty needles.

Meanwhile, Stacey tries to rebuild her broken marriage to Max’s son Bradley (Charlie Clements).

More than 14 million viewers watched as Max and Stacey’s affair was revealed on Christmas Day of last year.