EastEnders: The bitch is back!

As Janine returns to EastEnders it’s here comes the bride – and there goes the groom… again! Actress Charlie Brooks tells us more…

She watched as Barry Evans plunged to his death and before Janine sets foot back in Walford we see she’s anything but a changed woman…

“She’s been working as a nurse and is marrying this rich old guy who she was hired to look after. He’s Jewish and Janine has converted to the religion and her name is now Judith.”

Ricky, Pat and Billy have read about the wedding in a local newspaper and, fearing she’s up to her old tricks again, rush to get to the synagogue on time. But Janine doesn’t have a clue, does she?

“Janine has no idea they’re on to her. She’s there in this enormous dress getting married to David when suddenly Pat shouts out that she isn’t Judith, she’s Janine and she’s about as Jewish as a bacon sandwich.”

We can assume then that all hell breaks loose?

“Janine tells her husband David that Pat’s mentally ill but Pat hits back and says Janine’s a fraud who’s after his money. The rabbi takes Janine and Ricky into a side room to question her further and you see Janine wailing in his arms with all these smoked salmon and cheese bagels next to her. It’s quite funny.”

When Ricky mentions her birthmark, which is exposed by David’s daughter Sarah, David suffers a heart attack and dies. Janine’s not a happy bunny is she?

“Janine’s furious. Pat’s ruined everything. Janine got married but she didn’t sign any papers so she won’t get any money. Later, she turns up in Walford and starts smashing Pat’s windows.”

But, bizarrely, Janine and Pat seem to patch things up quite quickly, don’t they?

“Amazingly, Pat lets Janine stay at hers. It’s funny because she has nothing with her and has to wear Bianca’s clothes. She looks hilarious in all these velour tracksuits.”

So, with nothing and no one left except Pat and Ricky, has Janine learned her lesson?

“I’m here for a year so there’s plenty of time for trouble. At first she tries to be good and starts to bond with Whitney. But then Pat and Bianca attack her for it and she’s like ‘If you think I’m evil then watch this…’ and it all kicks off again.”

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